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Lemon Cat Ltd is an eCommerce consultancy and software development house. The founder, Andrew Wise, has over 20 years experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry with an enviable track record of delivering high quality solutions at reasonable prices.

Lemon Cat Ltd has specific expertise in the design and development of eCommerce solutions. Our key customers have developed and grown their business on the basis of solutions supplied by Lemon Cat.

Lemon Cat has found success through commitment, experience and vision. In today's dynamic eBusiness environment, Lemon Cat has continually developed and integrated best of breed, innovative products that keep ahead of the changing nature of the market.

As a value-added company we are committed to working with our customers and partners to deliver a superior, responsive and professional level of service. Based on our high level of technical expertise, our consultants and solution managers will help you identify your needs.

We are committed building close, long term relationships with a select number of customers to focus our resources in terms of technical support, consultancy, training and marketing support.

We also have highly specific expertise in the area of telecommunications systems and satellite communications technologies. This unique expertise has been developed through specific customer engagements